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The New Age Lawyer

The new age lawyer is not your typical attorney. Forget about the downtown office with the large conference room and library full of legal books, the new age lawyer is the attorney who jumps in the shoes of their business clients. If you own a yoga studio, the new age lawyer wants to understand your practice and your vision. If you own a bakery, the new age lawyer wants to see you in action and understand your brand.


No more thirty minute consults that result in a stack of papers and an expensive legal bill. The new age lawyer understands what it takes to own and operate a small business and knows that every business and every owner is unique, and builds a legal strategy tailor made to meet their specific needs.

I built my practice with an entrepreneurial mindset knowing that building a business is hard enough, hiring a lawyer should be easy and convenient. I just want to help people achieve their personal and professional goals. 


CEO/Shareholder, N. Becerra, APC


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